DEUFRAKO: calculation of LAeq and Lden
Prediction and Propagation of rolling noise

Traffic classes and traffic volume

For the calculation of the LAeq the traffic volume of passenger cars and heavy trucks are needed. The two pictures below show the daily percental volume of traffic. The data of Germany is the mean value based on nine different motorway counting points, the data of France based on twenty seven counting points around the Nantes Ring Road. For the calculation the mean value of the German and French volume of traffic is used.

traffic volume of passenger carstraffic volume of heavy trucks

To have a maximum range of different traffic situations, eight different traffic classes are considered: 2 by 2 lanes or 2 by 1 lane, 20000 or 10000 vehicles per lane and a proportion of 15% and 10% of heavy trucks respectivley.

number of vehicles per lanepercentage of HTdistribution/type of vehiclesglobal traffic (2×1 lane)global traffic (2×2 lanes)
2000010 %PC:18000, HT 20004000080000
2000015 %PC:17000, HT 30004000080000
1000010 %PC:9000, HT 10002000040000
1000015 %PC:8500, HT 15002000040000